That “Punch you in the chest” feeling when your favorite song really moves you.

Although subwoofers are easy to plug in and turn up loud, that doesn’t give us a true audiophile experience.

We want to feel it…but only if it’s being called upon.  So, in this episode, President and Managing Partner of SVS Sound Gary Yacoubian and Marketing Director Nicholas Brown sit down at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival and shower their knowledge upon us!

We dig into tons of topics, including:

  • The “Subwoofer Crawl”
  • How to integrate a sub into a 2 channel and multichannel system
  • How to set up multiple subs in one room
  • Is EQ necessary?
  • How much movement makes a difference in the sound
  • How SVS can help you tune your system
  • Tons and tons and tons more.


Consistently at these shows, David Solomon from Peachtree Audio and Andrew Jones from Elac are fabulous demo-music-pickers to make their gear sound great.  I conned David into sharing his Tidal playlists with us, so you can hear how great your system sounds with great music.

To play, you should be able to click the link and Tidal will open.  Then “favorite” or “add to playlist” or “create playlist”.  You need to be logged in for it to work.

Dave’s Faves  (Click title for direct link) 

Dave’s Fave’s II (Click title for direct link)